Thank you for checking out the military resource page on Berryhill's website.  If you are new to the area or to Berryhill, we want to welcome you.  Our goal is to provide you with the best transition possible and to welcome your family into the Berryhill Bear Family. You will find several resources below that may be of use to you as a military-connected family and you can download each document.

Additionally, our Military & Family Life Counselor is available Monday through Friday to discuss any concerns or needs you have as a military-connected family and may be reached by calling the school.

Mental Health Services

Military & Family Life Counselor: 850-461-6246

Guidance Counselor: Melissa Friedman, 850-983-5690

CDAC- Bree Yeager (Waters), M.A. RMHCI- 850-983-5690

For questions or information about your student's IEP, please visit the Exceptional Student Services website.


We loved seeing so many families at our annual Veterans Day recognition, and we hope to celebrate your student during our Month of the Military Child in April.

Seven C's of Child and Youth Education Services
  • Connecting schools, families and communities to meet the unique needs of PreK-12 military-connected students.

  • Cultivate communication pathways between families, schools, community stakeholders and the military.

  • Customize real-time solutions for military-connected students facing transitional barriers and educational gaps.
  • Collaborate with community stakeholders to build a platform for enhanced educational opportunities and partnerships.
  • Comprehensive professional development for educators to understand the military lifestyle.
  • Construct a network of extensive resources for building resilient communities.
  • Create a system of support for military-connected students experiencing parental deployment or separation.